Malady R. Cross

I’m Mal, an artist and writer based somewhere in the United States, a fan of monsters and mythology, as well as a human enjoyer. Weird fiction, horror, and the occasional romance story will inspire me to do more things. Along with motivation from very important people in my life—you know who you are.While I tend to keep busy by reading, listening to music, or staring at walls until sunrise, I also like to create! Maybe.Please send an email for inquiries.


Commission Information

Pricing is minimum for one character based on the original design's complexity. All cost applies to every commission type unless otherwise stated.
Ask first with an example for a more accurate quote.
Turnaround time is two to three weeks at most. Clients will be notified of delays.

Average Pricing

+15 at minimum for flat color, with clean or sketch linework
+$30 at minimum for full color
+$20-30 per each additional character
+$15 for extra background or prop details
+$50 minimum for detailed background
Simpler character designs can be added in at no extra cost.


Little Friend(s)

Low resolution character designs. Made at random or based on a theme/request. Up to three designs per $15 depending on complexity; detailed characters may cost more. Free for private and commercial use.



May be drawn with solid lines or textured pencil.


Sketch portrait

Monochrome only.
A sketch of your character from the bust upward, very rough lines. Pose should be specified for humanlike characters.


Rendered portrait

Complete version of a portrait sketch. Full coloring, shading, and lighting.
Can include simple background elements, pattern, or gradient.

Want something else?

If you have another project you’d like to discuss with me, please send me an email and we can go over details. Character design help for commercial use will often come with additional costs.

Terms of Service

By commissioning or requesting art from me you acknowledge:

  • That you are not allowed to use my artwork commercially* or reupload my art on any platform. For reposts, permission is required.

  • That you own or have permission to commission artwork with the character(s) you send me.

  • You may not trace or heavily reference without credit being given.

*Unless this is the purpose of the commission. Commercial work rates may be significantly higher.

For designs created by me for the client:

  • Although I will not completely copy a character's personality and design if made for a client, I reserve the right to create similar ideas based on the design for personal and/or commercial use. The client also retains the right to use their design however they please, with or without credit, including but not limited to: if the client is drawing the character themselves, commissioning further art of the character, selling or trading the design away, or modifying the design how they see fit.

  • Media depicting the artist's designs that has not been drawn by the artist/original designer is not endorsed by the artist and does not reflect the artist's personal opinions.

Regarding changes:

  • I will not make major changes once a commission is completed. Small errors can be amended on a case-by-case basis. Requested art cannot be modified.

Private commissions/requests:

  • At the request of the client, I will not post the commission publicly. If not specified, I have the right to use the image to promote my art.

Okay to Draw

  • Original characters

  • Humans or other animals

  • Monsters (of course)

  • Partial nudity or topless

  • Mild horror, gore, or suggestive themes

  • Gifts for others


May Be Rejected

  • Fan characters

  • Trademarked designs, logos, concepts

  • Explicit violence, guro

  • Fetish content

  • NSFW

  • Designs I can't draw too good